domingo, 25 de setembro de 2016

The Manic Pixie Girl we hate to love

With a little bit of unjustified shame in my heart I will say that probably my favourite film is Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I believe a requisite to be a favourite film is to rewatch it uncountable times and never get tired, to learn the dialogues but still feel that warmth in your heart.

I often identify with Clementine. I share her anxieties, I wish I had a cooler hair though. And for a long time in my dating experience I wish I was the quirky girl that would shook you out of your boring life and make you feel truly alive. It was hard for me to realise I was just playing straight into the male trap; the one that expects you to be their saviours, but once they get there, there are no more trills.

The first time I watched this film with my boyfriend he sided with Joe. He nearly said Clem was a bitch (maybe he didn't, but this is how I remember feeling).  I felt personally offended by the fact he couldn't understand why she was who she was, and how, sometimes, girls are just tired of everything we already went through with that other guy who might be just like every other guy you met in the end. 

Sometimes I miss being that flick in someone eyes of one in a million chance. But I remember how soon I got tired and wish I was on the date with myself instead. Now I don't know which stereotype I fall into, but I am glad that I moved on from that and I am more interested in saving myself. 

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