domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

I'm sleepy. And I do want to write in English this time. As nobody comes here anymore, I won't care about acessibility. I'm really into bitching today.

I wish I was happy enough to don't get attached to my old good memories as a way to survive. Maybe happiness is too much to ask, but I'd like to be more confortable, or at least, unconfortable enough to move on. However, I'm just fooling around as always. I even got a Tumblr to be more improductive, but I'll try to make this into a new experience of creativity. I'm so scared about producing things that I must give it a chance. 

Be scared is the new trending of season. I just started college and I have conscious of how fast four years pass by. So I have no idea about how future will be, and I'm in the kind of course that you have to dig your own space to be succesfull. I mean, you have to build your way of doing things and hope that you will be amazing on it. But I don't freaking know what I'm good at. Maybe I'm in the wrong place. I fell the opposite though.

The most excited side of life is how surprising it can be. I'm betting on my chips in that chance. Last year, around September, I said the year was over. But maybe the last breathing it would be the most crucial. It was (here I am holding back my good memories). I wasn't waiting, and it was great for a while. For this reason I will just enjoy the moment doing the best that I can, when life brings me the chance I'll take it. I've already wasted a lot of them. That's enough.

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Morgana Gomes disse...

i'm fucking scared as well. i have five years to find myself in my course, but i'm afraid that i'll lose myself on some coner instead, and i don't want to. at the same time, i don't know if there's too much to be lost.

but i believe you'll find your way and somehow, sometimes i see myself there, because i know your job will be so much more fun than mine.

writing in english is so cool :D

Mauany disse...

You'll be richier, bitch.

Let's write in English 4eeeeeeeever.